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Itinerary B

Isabela & southeastern Galapagos

8 days / 7 nights – Monday to Monday – every 14 days

Our 7 nights eastern itinerary visits most popular sites of southern and eastern Galapagos, where you will keep going from one surprise in the other. This route combines the spectacular sea bird colonies of Española, largest American flamingo colonies of Isabela and Floreana with highly appreciated and not to be missed South Plaza. This varied route is characterized by relatively shorter nightly navigations and even two nights of quiet rest at fairly calm anchorage-sites.

Walk at a short distance past blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies and waved albatrosses, whilst courtshipping, mating, breeding, nurturing or learning to fly (depending the season). Española is the sole option for those eager to admire synchronous courtship dances of the only tropical albatross in the world. Other not to be missed highlights of this cruise certainly will be Santa Fe and South Plaza, where characteristic Galapagos land iguanas crawl below bizarre giant prickly pear cacti. Mind your step when strolling around, because you may tread on one of them!

These almost extinguished volcano islands in the south-west are geologically eldest, where evolution has had enough time to create plenty endemic species. En route you can observe marine iguanas, whitetip reef sharks and – if lucky – even Galapagos penguins. On Santa Cruz you will have a full day to quest for emblematic giant Galapagos tortoises in the lush forests and to learn more on their successful captured breeding programs in the Charles Darwin Research Center. Striking coral sand beaches at azure bays are favourite places for large colonies of Galapagos sea lions.

For many Devil’s Crown is Galapagos deep water snorkelling site number one, and one of the very highlights of their cruise. Besides that this route also offers plenty possibilities for optional scuba diving.


Important notes:
• Itinerary is subject to change in case of force majeure caused by exceptional and natural circumstances.
• Approximate departure and navigation times are just indicative and depend on the sea state and decisions of the captain.
• Although Galapagos seldom requires quests for wildlife, observation of specific species can never be guaranteed.

2014 Nemo I - Galapagos Sailing Catamaran.