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Itinerary A (2017)

To Genovesa & the remote west

8 days / 7 nights – Monday to Monday – every 14 days

Our 7 nights western route is a mini-expedition to the largest sea bird colonies and some of the remotest corners of Galapagos; outer islands belong often to the more exclusive places. This adventurous route contains longer nightly navigation stretches (but Sailing Catamaran Nemo I is faster than average, and you will also have two relatively quiet floating nights).

After visiting North Seymour and Genovesa, you will round the by far largest island Isabela, and pass by pristine Fernandina, which are both just recently born out of fire. On its way back Nemo I will anchor at Santiago’s James Bay (fur seal grottos and great snorkelling) and sail round the sea bird laden volcano islet of Daphne Major.

Though less frequented than popular central and south-eastern islands, the volcanic north offers most dramatic landscapes and reveal the first chapter of evolution. And the desolate west is truly exceptional. Become witness of some bizarre miracles of evolution, such as flightless cormorants, huge marine iguanas and Galapagos penguins close to the equator. During a climb to the rim of the huge caldera of Sierra Negra and on the volcano islets of Bartolome and Chinese Hat you will get impressed by the volcanic forces that still create the islands. Discover how pioneer species conquer barren lava fields and create habitats for new colonist species.
Walk at very short distance past frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, red-footed and Nazca boobies whilst courtshipping, mating, breeding, nurturing or learning to fly (depending on the season). Furthermore, en route you will have chances to see emblematic and endemic Galapagos land iguanas, American flamingos and exciting whale watching!


Important notes:
• Itinerary is subject to change in case of force majeure caused by exceptional and natural circumstances.
• Approximate departure and navigation times are just indicative and depend on the sea state and decisions of the captain.
• Although Galapagos seldom requires quests for wildlife, observation of specific species can never be guaranteed.

2014 Nemo I - Galapagos Sailing Catamaran.