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Yacht design M/SC Nemo I

M/SC Nemo I (also known as the Nemo Martinica) is a 14-passenger sailing catamaran, designed and built in France by Dufour & Sparks, and completely renovated/refurbished in 2014. After a few years of operating diving cruises around Isla Malpelo (Colombian Pacific), sailing catamaran Nemo I is back in Galapagos! And better than ever. The spectacular catamaran netting spanned between both sterns of the hulls is supplemented by an ample and brand-new sun deck, right above the shaded terrace.

Fast and most ecological yacht cruising Galapagos

Both connected hulls provide more stability, and greatly prevent rolling of the yacht; and, its extreme stable cabins are located at sea level. According to its builders this Nautitech 82 catamaran is unsinkable, thanks to the use of floating materials as fiberglass and polyurethane. And equal important in a fragile place as the Galapagos Archipelago: Nemo I is not only the fastest sailing catamaran, but also the most ecological yacht cruising the islands. In comparison to 16 passengers yachts, this sailing catamaran consumes just about a third of the fuel (for propelling and for the 12V electric circuits on board).

Nemo I’s feather light construction doesn’t require heavy engines to guarantee on-time arrival at each visitors site, and is therefore equipped with two efficient engines of just 150 HP of the latest technology. Thanks to its hydrodynamic form and shallow draft Nemo I is the fastest sailing catamaran in Galapagos, with a formidable cruising speed of about 10 knots (18,5 km/h), which can even be boosted up to 14 knots (ca. 26 km/h) when the sails are hoisted! Two battery packs and dynamos of 20 KVA powered by the main engines, eliminate the need of heavy, noisy and consuming generators for on board lighting (energy saving lamps), the refrigerator and the winch. Besides energy saving we have our own installations aboard for desalination, waste water treatment, separate waste and the ship is painted with lead-free paint.

Ultra wide catamaran nets & sun deck, ‘al fresco dining’ terrace & cozy lounge

Outside social areas

The social areas are the center of daily live aboard Nemo I, because these are the places where the passengers dwell between the island visits, adventurous activities and sleeping. NEMO I 7-web Most social areas are open deck spaces, allowing a great outdoor experience; enjoying the sun, the sea breeze and the constantly changing ocean moods. These offer also sitting areas for chatting, or quieter places to withdraw a while and relax. Even full-booked it won’t feel crowded aboard.

NEMO I 15-webMost special are the high sun terrace and the spectacular hanging nets for relaxing in a unique way. These form a spectacular resting and observation place close above the sea! The terrace on the sun deck has a great panoramic view and is furnished with a large sofa and coffee tables.
The comfortable cockpit is positioned on the overlooking quarterdeck. The smaller terrace on the quarterdeck and the catamaran nets have lounger cushions for great sunbathing. The shaded outside terrace has cozy, horseshoe-shaped seating around two tables for sheltered and romantic ‘al fresco dining’.

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Interior social areas

The panorama windows of the lounge on the Main Deck let in a flood of natural daylight. This cozy living guarantees a pleasant stay on cooler days and is facilitated with a bar, fixed lounge tables, TV, DVD-player and a small library. The on board naturalist guide usually will also present his (or her) previous briefings every night in this lounge, or you can watch videos.



Extreme stable sea level cabins

Floor plan

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Matrimonial cabin with a marine staircase (# 1 & 2)

All 8 twin cabins are located within both hulls of the catamaran and have a private bathroom (hot/cold water, hand shower and toilet), privately controlled air conditioning, as well as a fan. In every cabin are 110V US-style connectors to charge batteries or connect other electronic equipment.

You enter your cabin from the main deck through a multifunctional hatch and a marine staircase (stainless steel with teak; cabins 5 & 6 have a fiber steps instead). Some inside space has been gained thanks to the inventive entrance, hence there are no doors that need swinging space. The hatch has a skylight window that lets-in natural daylight and fresh air as well. Each cabin also has on average three portholes in the hull as well, and there is good lighting.

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Standard Twin cabin with double lower bed with a marine staircase (# 3 & 4)

Because the hulls have a hydrodynamic shape, just opposite cabins can be equal, offering most space in the center (these are the cabins with the fiber steps). Smart interior designers made intelligently use of the limited amount of space.

The cabins are extremely stable because these are located at sea level, and the width of the catamaran prevents rolling. The cabins may be somewhat narrow, but in daily practice you only take a shower and sleep here. Day time is planned full with island visits, having meals and other adventures; and there are no better places for relaxing and socializing than the excellent social areas with their nice views and pure sea breeze!

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Twin cabin with single berths and a marine staircase (# 7)


Except for the matrimonial cabins at the rear end of the hulls, the rest of the cabins have berth beds. Those in the middle (#3 & 4) have a lower double bed; while two front cabins (#7 & 8) have single berths (the starboard cabin will be shared by the captain and the naturalist guide).

All cabins have a shelf to store your luggage, but some guests in the wider cabins prefer to use one of the beds to store their bigger luggage too. There is also some additional storage room available on board. Though we recommend better not to bring access luggage.

2014 Nemo I - Galapagos Sailing Catamaran.