NEMO I - Sailing Catamaran

Welcome to Galapagos aboard Sailing Catamaran Nemo I

The real adventure of Galapagos is in the great outdoors, and you don’t want to miss a second of it. Motor/Sailing Catamaran Nemo I welcomes you on board for an alternative, pure and adventurous manner of navigating Galapagos. Sailing doesn’t only add a romantic sensation of peace and freedom, we cruise Galapagos in the most ecologic way as well! And being a catamaran, Nemo I is more stable than speedboats and other yachts. Our certified professional crew and knowledgeable, bilingual naturalist guide will do their utmost to convert your once in a lifetime cruise into the trip of your life!


Experience the peaceful freedom of Galapagos

After a few years of operating diving cruises in Galapagos and around Isla Malpelo (Colombian Pacific), and after an intensive remodellation, sailing catamaran Nemo I is back in Galapagos! And even better than ever. We take you around the remote and most exceptional islands of the archipelago, following original and exclusive routes with flexible duration, starting from 3 nights up to 14 nights cruising. Even our shorter routes visit some of the most impressive out-of-the-way sites! The Nemo I doesn’t specialize on diving cruises any more, though occasionally diving can be booked (especially on Route B). Our present naturalist cruise programs include a wide range of activities as guided hikes, inflatable dinghy-rides, active sailing, adventurous sea kayaking, snorkelling, and interesting visits to giant tortoise breeding projects, interpretive botanic trails and visitor’s centres. You will be impressed observing, photographing and filming the incredibly tame and bustling Galapagos wildlife from different perspectives. You will be closer to nature than ever before!

The rich and spectacular Galapagos wildlife is the most important aspect of every naturalist cruise, but not the single and only factor that paints holiday memories for the rest of your life. MS/C Nemo I contributes truly to a comfortable and pleasant stay as well. We follow fascinating routes in a more adventurous way, accompanied by an excellent naturalist guide, including time to unwind from the well-filled excursion program. Our chef will pamper you with a rich breakfast buffet, snacks, exquisite warm lunch and dinner served in buffet style. During your cruise you can fully enjoy the unstrained ambience and personal service on board.


A perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts and for private group charters

nemo-1-webOur catamaran is highly suitable for water sports enthusiasts and outdoor people (not referring to adrenaline junkies), that love to combine the unforgettable encounters with the Galapagos wildlife with a more adventurous ambiance and a sense of freedom and peace. People that – besides visiting Galapagos – always have dreamed of sailing once in their life, now can kill two birds with one stone (but please don’t forget to read the National Park rules before throwing)!

And because our yacht accommodates only up to 14 guests, in the past few years MS/C Nemo I has become popular as well for private group charters, such as for your family celebrations, for groups of friends, teamwork and motivation outings with your company, or commercial visits with your (international) business contacts.



A real must for any sail lover: we hoist the sails as much as possible, but at least once a week! When weather conditions permit we can even turn off our light ecological engines and generators and navigate silently through one the world’s natural wonders. You can absorb the silence and feel the vast dimensions of the open Pacific even more, and henceforth you certainly don’t want to navigate the islands in a different manner. But the calm Galapagos climate, the strict itinerary and time schedule we have to follow don’t favor navigating every stretch purely on sail. Weather conditions generally are most favorable for sailing from June to November, when winds are stronger. Because we can’t guarantee daily sailing, we offer it as one of the special activities (as snorkeling is, or use of our sea kayaks, or additional options for scuba diving). Passengers that have active sailing experience can even ask the captain to help raising the sails, standing at the helm and perhaps even navigate, but this is no requisite for emerging yourself completely in this natural adventure; the yacht is sailed safely by our professional crew, while you can just relax on the decks.


Sense the continuous changing moods of the open ocean

NEMO I 7-webSailing certainly adds a pure and adventurous accent to your Galapagos journey. Besides the way of navigation the almost continuous outdoor life will bring you in closer contact with nature too. You can sense the continuous changing moods of the Pacific Ocean, even just above the waves while resting in the spectacular nets that are spanned between the bows. Enjoy the pure sea breeze when navigating, have spectacular close encounters with dolphins, admire colorful tropical reef fishes in the very transparent waters at the anchorages, or stargaze at night!

Thanks to the ample and carefully designed social areas the yacht never feels crowded, even when it is full-booked. You can socialize, relax privately, read a book or enjoy the sea breeze or a sunbathe. After snorkelling it is lovely to warm up at our brand-new and ultra-wide sun deck and enjoy the panoramic views, or looking out for whales, dolphins or frigate birds. On fresher moments you can also relax in the cozy living room with a small library, TV and DVD player.

Close the day with a romantic and cosy ‘Al fresco’ (outdoor) dinner at sunset on the shaded outside deck, sharing your pictures and experiences with your fellow travelers, and listen what you can expect tomorrow. The adventurous setting intensifies the intimate and small group experience.


Most ecological way of navigating

We are very aware of the vulnerability of the Galapagos Islands and try to minimize our and your environmental footprints as much as possible. Of course we meet all the requirements set by the Galapagos National Park Directory, including the many ecological guidelines. Because weather conditions and strict time schedules don’t allow us to sail all stretches, large parts of the itinerary will be motorized. Our light-weight catamaran with hydrodynamic hulls is not only fast, but also the most ecological yacht cruising Galapagos, consuming just a third of the average fuel consumption.


More stability: you don’t have to waive the opportunity of a cruise

NEMO I 10 copia-webWe are convinced that cruising is the very best way to explore Galapagos. But perhaps you are are prone to seasickness and do hesitate to book a cruise, or a land-based tour. You really don’t have to waive the cruise opportunity and miss the uniquest and remotest islands. Being a low-built catamaran, Nemo I is no guarantee, but can be the optimal solution you are looking for. The connected hulls provide much more stability and greatly prevent the rolling of the yacht; and its cabins are located at sea level, close to its axis. This makes Nemo I more stable than conventional motor yachts and even much more than the small speedboats that operate between the islands during bumpy and noisy day tours. Nevertheless, if you still don’t feel comfortable for a while, there exists a wide range of preventive medication, and the fresh sea breeze on the ample decks usually is best medicine!


Personal attention

The maximum passenger-crew ratio on Nemo I is 14 : 6. Thanks to the small number of passengers, boarding and deboarding will be much faster than on larger expedition vessels, where different groups have to keep a certain distance, losing valuable excursion time on the islands. We have one large inflatable ‘Zodiac’, so at the dinghy-rides you will always be in the same boat as the naturalist guide. Moreover our welcoming and helpful professional staff can give sufficient personal attention to everybody, respond to different individual interests. Small groups definetly make your experience more exclusive, more intimate and more authentic.

2014 Nemo I - Galapagos Sailing Catamaran.